@nextcloud that's because you're the good guys and they are the bad guys.

I prefer to stay with the good guys! Thanks for all you've done for us!

@nextcloud Now all we need is a way to backup iPhones and iPads to a Nextcloud server instead of the iCloud.
Sadly, this is probably not possible unless someone convinces Apple that they should allow alternative backup methods.

@umrath @nextcloud I doubt they'd even do that. Not playing well with others is Apple's specialty.

@umrath @nextcloud the nextcloud app can back up your photos automatically as you take new ones. To me that's basically all that matters for backup ☺️

I'm aware of that. I do that already.
But it's not the most relevant part of what the iCloud backup provides.
All the app data. All the configuration, etc.
That requires backup. At least for me.

Are you honestly tryingto say that (practically) manually backing up via iTunes and then pushing that backup to Nextcloud is an alternative to Apple’s fully automatic backup?
And additionally this is not even remotely usable by non tech savvy people.

It’s a neat poc.
But in reality it’s rather an invitation to forget about your backup soon.


@umrath iThing backups to iTunes are as automatic as backing up to iCloud. Granted, setting up the iTunes-to-Nextcloud backup requires typing a shell command or two, but once it's done it works without further interaction.

@wolfram_roesler Ok, das mag sein.
Aber praktisch nutzbar ist diese Option nur für Nerds.

@nextcloud holy cow. All the more reason to not trust the big tech companies! Yikes

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