Nextcloud 3.10.0 for Android is here, bringing collaborative tools, dark mode, rich workspaces and more! It is certainly a big news day today 😎

@nextcloud hi we are quite new and happy users of Nextcloud, but we cant edit collabora files on Android… Is that option available? thanks 😃

@KopfKrieg @nextcloud hi. We have nextcloud 3.9.2 downloaded from FDroid, and its not possible for us to make new files neither edit existent ones. .. any tip? Thanks

What kind of files (file type?), what Nextcloud server version are you running?

I can edit *.txt and *.md files with the Nextcloud client through the three-dot-menu (click "Open with", then choose your app, or even "Open with Collabora"), and of course all other files Collabora can open (all without leaving the Nextcloud client app).


@KopfKrieg @nextcloud
Collabor Online (v.3.5.1) files, such as sheets and documents ...
Nextcloud server 17.0.2

Huh, works for me™. With Collabora office I can create new documents on Android (take a look at the screenshot)

I've attached a screenshot showing the menu. This is what you should see.

Are you sure Collabora is working for you? I mean, is everything configured right? Maybe something's missing in your (web-) server configuration?

@KopfKrieg yes, Collabora is working online via browser and on iOS nextcloud app but not on the android one :-/
no idea what it can be

@antipodescafe If you want to solve it maybe the people at the offical Nextcloud forum can help?

@antipodescafe @nextcloud should work. I can open my spreadsheets with collabora code and the Nextcloud app on my phone.

@nextcloud noice.. i was wondering why #nextcloud was trending :D there is a new release :wavey:

@nextcloud the dark mode is nice although one need a bright colorscheme to get proper contrasts.

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