All these global scale, enterprise security/scalability type announcements are fine. Personally I'm just tired though, of waiting years for basic things like being able to have all my photos get automatically uploaded by the Android client when I install the app. Or file previews to be auto pre-generated. Or to be able to use emojis without manually editing the database. Yeah, I know... It's all on the road map. I'll check back in another few years again.

@Humanity Well then put up your sleaves and get to work. Just like with any open sohrce project, you can make the change and provide the missing features.



The issues are a complete mismatch for my skills.Taking time studying PHP/Javascript to fix them would just reduce what I already contribute to Nextcloud with skills I already have.

Is it useful to tell users to fix all issues that impact them, themselves?

Instead, why not ask an equal contribution, using their strongest skills?

This is what I already do.

I know... it's less simple than saying "Fix it yerself!". It seems like a more efficient use of contributors effort, though. :)

@nextcloud In the linked video, Frank is showing the new text editor - He demos a hamburger menu. Is this released or in development? Around the 37 minute mark.


@Humanity i dont know what you contribution to nextcloud project is, but your postdid have a demanding tone as if your issue/feature request is the most important and nextcloud team should focus on. And that is why to that i answer DIY

I am not part of nextcloud team but i do understand they are limited in resources and need to prioritize. So i do answer to post such as yours which have rather demanding tone to fix it themself to which often i hear answer such as yours.
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