The new 4 makes a very usable server for home users. We'd recommend the 2GB or 4GB ram version, though.

@nextcloud did you make 'or plan to do) any benchmark or performance comparison between this one and let's say Raspberry Pi 3B(+) ?

It would be good to know the difference, for my part on a Pi 3B+ Nextcloud works, but is slow in a lot of operation (it's still usable), and hangs with heavy operations (storage speed seems to be a bottleneck most of the time).

@nextcloud For me #raspberrypi 3 was too slow for #nextcloud - went for #Odroid XU4 which performs much better 👍

Same here. Odroid XU4 works like a charm with two thumb drives in btrfs raid1 config.

@nextcloud Oh good! Is there a pre-configured SD card image available to download, burn, and plug in?

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