This seems too be a guide to delete Google by embracing Apple. Like I get that it's a matter of degrees and that different folks have different means and different abilities, but still seems a little silly.

Some good info, but I agree buy an Apple device is not really the solution. Drop the stock OS and use a degoogled version. There are a number of great apps in f-droid. You really won't miss the app store. And will regain your digital privacy.

@nextcloud Doesn’t cover much. I know you are sharing this because the author mentioned nextcloud in some places. But the author choose many bad privacy player as a replacement for google (apple products would be the worst example).

@nextcloud An article about avoiding Google that is using several third parties by Google 🙄
googleapis, googlesyndication, gstatic.

And not even mentioning the other trackers.

Not a bad article, but I disagree that Vimeo is the only alternative to Youtube. I believe a better recommendation is #PeerTube. Also, I think we both know that #NextCloud is just fine for photos.
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