Social is working great since the last update, I think boost is a new feature, but I'd still like the ability to share pictures I take. All in all, Nextcloud with the Social plug-in looks like it will be a logical path for many to leave Facebook and Instagram once this feature is in place.

@nextcloud I upgraded to version 16 and my Calendar broke. It's an Official app. How did Nextcloud get all the way to version 16.0.1 while the official Calendar app is left with support marked for version 15 or below?

@nextcloud Love the fact that you folks embraced Mastodon! I bought a Synology NAS before I knew NextCloud was a thing - otherwise I'd definitely be a customer!

@nextcloud I'm glad that there's finally a web site listing messed up stuff they've been doing. However, if you frequent Slashdot, it's not long enough.

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