Want to stay in control over your documents even when sharing content over a public link? Try secure view to remove the download option!

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@nextcloud > Secure view

either you're blocking the content with a DRM'd canvas being displayed within a sandboxed web browser that doesn't let users read and parse the fetched data, on a properly restrictive OS... or maybe calling it "secure" is a bit of a stretch?

@espectalll @nextcloud kind of how Twitter "stops" you from viewing someone's tweets when they block you

@vurpo @nextcloud kind of how Mastodon "stops" you from viewing someone's toots when they block you

@vurpo @nextcloud well, it does for public/unlisted toots โ€“ (if your server behaves like a good citizen) you can't see private posts or DMs, but that's just like not being able to look at a locked account on Twitter or any DMs there

@nextcloud Really, an option named "display download link" would be the same, arguably less marketing-friendly, but surely more accurate.

Worth than the lack of security is the illusion of it. I agree that you mentioned this in the article, and this depends on the threat model. But this naming could and will lead users to trust the feature as being "secure", while in fact it is only secure against non tech savvy people, i.e. an increasingly small proportion of potential attackers.

@nextcloud Huh. It seems I was myself deceived by the article. The option is indeed named "Hide download".

Sorry for the rant I guess?

Hi @nextcloud thanks for staying innovative! I really like the idea of watermarking or tagging files! Maybe a tag could be established and standardized which gives kind of a license usage of the document to prevent re-uploading such files as fotos of me to social media platforms without my consent. Or the same for companies which share data to find out their data leakage by adding tags or watermarks on files. Sure this could be removed - but at least it would be some more criminal effort ๐Ÿ™‚

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