@nextcloud There are other ones that are missing. Like Facebook reactivating deleted accounts from a decade ago and all the posts, photos, and personal details are still there. So much for deleting backups within 90 days.

The "correct" answer should be -∞, because Facebook is inherently a zero-day privacy scandal on first principles.

@nextcloud And Mark says "I AM SORRY" (thinking, "… that you found out (again)")

@nextcloud Excellent X-D... Et responsive en plus, elle est superbe cette page :-D

@Tlacaelel @nextcloud I know someone who has an unlimited Google storage plan but uses rclone and crypt to encrypt files before they are uploaded to the cloud. I assume that is sufficient to protect against snooping.

@jj @nextcloud @paulakreuzer @privacyint Yeah, right. I guess those are privacy-related, mostly (which are most of them). But they include other players too.
Also they have a more general Abuse Timeline (privacyinternational.org/abuse). It's always interesting to see the full picture.

@RoboePi @jj @nextcloud @paulakreuzer Thanks for pointing to this ressorce! We are still trying to improve it and feeding the latest daily Facebook scandals is not the easiest part.

@nextcloud with such timeless classics as "Honey I Uploaded the Contact List" and "Fear and Loathing in Menlo Park", youll be enjoying these scandal-icious moments from the Facebook vault for years to come!

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