Thank you guys! You've really made it simpler yet safe. I've tied using TOTP apps and U2F tokens. Now I can completely move to the new 2FA method.

The next step is to get rid of this annoying typing of my admin password

First bug report on the new 2FA method:
My cat jumped to my keyboard and logged in to my Nextcloud instance using the new 2FA method!
Please fix your code to recognize true admin and not admin's cat.

@Azt3c well...the admin's cat is the one and only real admin - cause the admin is only an employee of his cat... 🤪

Could you add a "no one's watching" feature?

@nextcloud please do not make april fool joke. You have a lot of job to accomplish.
A working client with Virtual Drive AND/OR folder sync for exemple ...


I'm not sure this 2FA method is *that* new or unique. I recall that a researcher developed a similar technique several years ago: xkcd.com/233/

What is different to
Nextcloud Notification 2FA app?

@nextcloud In order to make that secure enough you should develop 3FA: "I swear it's really really me."

@nextcloud but does it require QtWebEngine or can it compile on Haiku? :D

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