shared a vision about a . We applaud the idea & goals, with some skepticism.

Meanwhile, it will still be a single platform owned and controlled by a single player - is a better way to keep data under control of users.

@nextcloud I wouldn't applaud Facebook in any way. Zuckerberg has promised many times that the platform will change for the good, but he lied all the time. So I would not trust a single word out of this guys mouth.

@t_aus_m @nextcloud they're already hedging their bets, too -- all that talk about "interoperability" is merely lip service. what they mean is interoperability between their own networks, with the vague exploration of sms/rcs as a fallback for messenger. not interoperability with networks outside their control.

stop trusting and giving any credibility to facebook. STOP IT. read: 

#MarkZuckerberg is basicly sayn, as soon as for our survailience encryption is not to much hindering us, we'll do it at some point.

This guy has zero credibility. The appropriate response to facebook talking about privacy is nervous laughter, not applause.
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