Many have been asking for it: a Virtual Drive for the desktop client. It is coming! We're proud to announce availability of a Tech Preview, test it out today!

@nextcloud Fancy! Already testing it. Please do not merge it with the NC Client but developing it separately.

@jlelse @nextcloud Because then the NC client won't be used much. At least giving the users the chance to have the integration only as an alternative to webdavs which is nearly unusable on Windows.

@tobi @nextcloud As what I understand the Virtual Drive enables to show and selectively sync files, so you don't need to sync the whole folder, if you want just one file for offline use. That's a great feature and should be added to the client.
@nextcloud hi! is there a timeline for when this feature will be available for Linux? When checking out the virtual drive branch on github, there doesn't seem a lot of activity.
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