Why are you an user? How would you encourage someone to join the awesome community of users?

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I use open-source software whenever possible. For me it just feels natural to want to use software where the code is open for anyone to verify or improve it. Or for translating the interface.

If I wanted to encourage someone to join the community of #OSS users, I would highlight its benefits:
- openness/transparency - know how the SW works
- collaborative power of the community
- ethics
- possibility to join in and provide your skills for the common good
- sense of belonging

@nextcloud I often recognize how other people discuss about unfair or annoying license conditions and renewal procedures. I think thats the point where someone should start advocating free/opensource software. Because thats the one thing which makes software free/open source, the terms of use or like the free software foundation says the four freedoms.

And not the fact that it is gratis in the most cases.

@nextcloud Because #opensource code is more secure (transparent, auditable), great for learning and contributing to common good, does not contain #bloatware and other crap 🤓

@nextcloud i love the idea behind...i woukd try to share my thoughts about OS

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