You're going to miss Google Plus? How about joining the with and many others! Even now has an app that lets you join, follow and share with others. We're just getting started but you can get involved now!

@nextcloud Nah, not going to miss Google Plus because I didn't use it. I say good riddance to that.

@nextcloud I don't use Google Plus because the interface (and color scheme.. Dark Theme ftw :P) sucked. But... Mastodon isn't quite the same though? Especially the groups was a powerful feature.

@nextcloud Still a bit to go on that.. at least in the RC3, nextcloud to mastodon integration/federation does not seem to work OOTB yet.

@nextcloud I am conflicted about this.

On one hand, yay for Nextcloud and Fediverse!

On the other Nextcloud (for me! this is clearly subjective) used to be a thing that related to private stuff. Fediverse is public stuff. Implementing a public-stuff-thing in a private-stuff-thing creates a weird dissonanse for me personally.

But after all it's just an app and nobody forces anyone to install/enable it, so all is well. :)

What is this "Google Plus" you speak of? Your words are alien to me.

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