Dutch newspaper revealed that leaked data from Dutch government workers to US servers, including the subject of emails & document text content, violating the

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@nextcloud while the same newspaper website does not let you opt-out their own tracking ???
halo ? is GDPR daar ?

@Olm_e @nextcloud Yeah I always love those "We care about your privacy" full screen popups that don't let you unsubscribe from all tracking. If they care so much that it warrants a full page popup, then just don't share my data with advertisers, period. Not force me to agree to it.

@nextcloud Do you think that medical data and digital communications between doctors can be safe ? If they do mot use Nextcloud but one of those ICT firms?

@nextcloud i was in discussion with the CIO of information technology of the Dutch Department of health on twitter. He said it was 'good news' that ICT companies and health institutions had reached an agreement about a standardised EPD. The companies are commercial of course. I tried to explain that this is not a fine system. Personally I hope to be able to refuse coöperation as a patient.

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