Follow covers how lets Google read & copy your files, pass them around, make derivative works, even publish them! 😟 Check the terms you agreed to...
Time for

@nextcloud one of the reasons I stopped using Google Apps altogether.

I do, however, find it hilarious that they want to hold the rights to "publibly perform" a YoY earnings report. I hope they cast some good broadway actors!

@nextcloud Jesus fucking Christ! I have a chunk of a novel I'm writing stored on there. Thank you, I'm not using that shit ever again.


Thank you time someone asks me why I'm not using google drive to write collaboratively anymore, I'm pointing them at this.

@nextcloud @RussSharek fun fact: The german GoogleDrive TOS explicitly clarifies that this is limited to just the case where you explicitly publish things using Google Drive. (see

Using your own filehosting can still be quite a wise move, depending on your needs and threat model. Just please don't spread FUD.


Good to know. I wonder of the American agreement has any such clarification?


@RussSharek @nextcloud Google is only showing me the german terms right now, and I am too lazy to figure out how to get to the US one. :)

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