*looks at twitter* oh good, i got followed by a tech exec and three more brands

*looks at mastodon* i got followed by 8 witches, 3 queer furries and 7 cybrepunks

When is Black Twitter going to get here? This place is white as fuck.

never gonna toot you up, never gonna boost you down

A few (uninformed) thoughts on this federated thing so far

- namesquatting doesn't mean much, just find an instance where the name is still free
- people will get burned by instances disappearing and become more conservative in which ones to trust
- we'll end up with a few big providers with strong backing and a long long tail of smaller instances, this is fine
- people who move will have to rebuild their following. Lots of talk now on how to solve this, I think we'll accept it as part of life

The french are asleep 

someone drew a picture of the fediverse and i can't find it again, does anyone know what i'm talking about?

I feel like people undervalue Mastodon as a space where you're not JUST screaming into a void if you don't have a pre-established follower base

heh, mastodon is already becoming a competition between instances

Should my company might migrate our slack to a private mastodon instance

@maya this place is too pure for that. They are mainly concerned about William Shatner not being able to find the mashable guy

I love seeing someone I know from elsewhere on federated

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