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I just entered the 21st century by installing via . I have to admit that I used to print tickets or store them as PDFs on my mobile device because I did not trust closed source apps for this usecase. has become a really useful source for great trustworthy software.

SID Chip Club by Markus Klein ()

Received the digital version today, cartridge will follow soon.

One of the few records that never gets old to me, even after nearly 30 years.

@nause_marc OTOH: Maybe my would get a GPS fix faster if I did not turn off the watch at night. I guess I'll have to investigate... 🤓

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Just read this article about the bangle.js smartwatch: (German, also mentions )

Now I am tempted to get one (again). The GPS of my Amazfip Bip is very unreliable and takes ages to get a fix (no AGPS updates since I use exclusively). Since the does not seem to support AGPS I don't know if it will work any better for me. Is there anybody out there who can share experience?

alcohol, despair 

Possibly the most appropriate drink at the moment.

Kids these days will never know the hardships of having to overcook a fresh hard boiled egg yolk for the computer mouse. Every week you needed a fresh one, and it was super hard to perfect.

Just finished watching the (again). I remember it being quite disturbing when I watched it as a kid. It's a shame that the cancelled the show before producing series 3. Maybe one day I should read the books for the whole story.

It happened again. Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus thinks that the plugin for is malware after the 1.315.401.0 update. 🙄

MNT Reform (open hardware laptop) campaign is live:

And here's the Launch Announcement:

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us to make this happen.

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