@bjonte @nause_marc Haha! Not much! 😉 The disk copy program of the Super Snapshot 5 needs 3 read/write cycles instead of 4 (5 disk swaps instead of 7) with a 1541. The RAM can also be used via bank switching as far as I know, but I don't know any 3rd party software that utilizes it. I may write a blog article about the use of the additional RAM some day. I have saved a draft already, but it only contains of the headline so far.

There is an open source software to sort channels (github.com/PredatH0r/ChanSort). It was easier to:
* export the list
* boot Windows
* download the software
* edit the list
* import the list
than to use the TV's UI. And the TV even dares to call itself "smart". What a train wreck!

I am seriously considering to export the channel list of my TV to sqlite, change the order of the channels on my laptop and re-import the database again. It seems easier than doing it via the TV's UI.

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When Java is your hammer, everything looks like a NailInstanceFactoryImpl.

(...and the hammers come from a AbstractHammerBuilderFactory)

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Chaos Communication Camp!!! <3 <3 <3

The most inspiring and delicious mix of talent, curiosity, diversity, cultural exchanges, intellectual stimulation, joyful experiment, dust, fun and togetherness!

0 corporate sponsor, 100% volunteer-based. All things should be like #CCCamp19! Thanks all for making it happen! See you (in Congress and) in 4 years! <3

I just opened the Google Play developer console and found a one star review of one of my apps by a user called "waffen ss" with a swastika as an avatar. I don't really care about the 1*, but who in their right mind creates a user account like that?

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We are currently launching our #cccamp19 #FDroid repo. You'll find the Fahrplan app and the NOC wifisetup app there.
The card10 companion app will follow.


A scannable QR-code and instructions here: fdroid.gitlab.io/ccc/

Please share and have a nice camp!

@nipos @switchingsocial @masterofthetiger resist.berlin/ sells refurbished phones with LineageOS, but I don't know if they come with any support or warranty though.

Purchase oft the day: "Die HiFi Stereo-Kulisse - 98 Geräusche Für Den Film- Und Tonbandfreund"

I was a little bit disappointed to find out that the QR code in only contains a URL which redirects to a wrestling card game app. I had expected something slightly more subversive.

@kuketzblog Hier saugt der Eufy RoboVac 11, scheint sich mehr oder weniger nach dem Zufallsprinzip durch die Wohnung zu bewegen, verbindet sich aber auch nirgendwo hin, keine Cloud, keine App.

Just finished reading the Pizza Book, as my SO calls it. The were one of my favorite bands in the 90s, but I somehow lost interest after . The reminded me of what I loved about them.

This is why light switches should be replaced when they make funny noises.

@qrs Did you know that seat reservation data is still transferred to the in-train system via diskette? AFAIK the new ICE4 trains will get the data wirelessly via an app though.

"All Boro Kings" by was released 25 years ago today. It is probably the most 90s CD I own.

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