Seoul Station – Let's see how this one affects my mood tonight.

Watching today: Clash of the Titans

One of the few movies that gave me nightmares as a kid.

My mini-me feared to run out of practice exercises for basic arithmetic operations today so we wrote a small software which creates simple exercises and checks the user's input. The mini-me laid out the requirements and I did the code. And suddenly I noticed the magic moment when he realised that we had the power to let the machine do anything we liked.

Showing tonight: Frankenstein's Army

(Feeling less thin-skinned again.)

TIL about a base-20 numbering system used by shepherds in Northern England. I just love the word "bumfit" for the number 15!

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We're approaching a point where people are having more messenger apps than revolutionary ideas.

Could we reverse that trend?

Watching yet another childhood classic tonight: "Zwei Himmelhunde auf dem Weg zur Hölle", aka "Più forte, ragazzi!", aka "... All the Way, Boys!"

@f2k1de @x44203 Bei mir (Android und Firefox) hat es gereicht, das Telefon um 90° ins Querformat zu drehen.

@resist_berlin_ I had a similar experience recently. Uninstalling all 3rd party anti-malware software helped a lot. The user also had fake scary malware alert popups in their browser which originated from a newspaper website which the user did not want to stop using. Blocking several ad-servers fixed that. It would have been easier to just install Linux... 🤷

Found this in an old notebook of mine. I got a bunch of them in a box of vintage computer stuff several years ago and I used them as bookmarks. Sadly this one seems to be the last one that's left.

|s, does anybody have any experience with (Global Developer Service Alliance, My application for a dev account is in review. Don't know if it will be granted since I am no company and the account is just for my pet project.

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Just in case you don't know what to do on Friday: I'll go to Hamburg to see Ek Minute Baba play live at Hanseplatte (31.01., 21:00).

Instead of buying an extra monitor for my I use a cheap video grabber and now when I want to do stuff without occupying the family TV. Works pretty decent once I figured out all the command line foo:

@julienxx Put it on my "must watch" list when I read your toot last year and now I finally came around to it. It does not help lifting my spirits, but I am half way through now and I can't stop watching.

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Just installed /e/ on my good old MotoX Play. It comes with the latest security patches. While I love the MotoX Play hardware, I will not use it as a daily driver anymore since 16 is available for my , but it is good to have an up to date backup. @e_mydata

The most meaningful thing I did this year: I donated peripheral blood stem cells which helped somebody else to survive a terrible disease.

If you need a New Year's resolution, why not set the goal to register as a stem cell donor in 2020 (for example with )?

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