@Billie The retro scene is as live! Unfortunately it seems to have not moved to the Fediverse yet, but I follow lots of folks (most of them from the UK) on the bird site.

@ashimokawa Yes, the game works fine. I had a quick look at the source code and I was surprised that it has relatively few lines and still contains functionality for 3 games. 🤯

@ashimokawa I just wanted to watch a movie, but I guess it is time to fire up the instead now.

@mondstern I find one more app using version 1.10 of the "official" app. But by @Billie is missing. I also tried the search of the website, but it does not find anything for "codeberg". 🤔

2020 has been a disappointment so far. I'll just set up a decentralized to cheer myself up. Node 1 is up already.

Rattle! Rattle! What is this? It's my copy of and of course the useless metal shield which covered the epoxy mess fell off.

@mondstern Wenn es sich nicht vermeiden lässt, an einem Zoom-Meeting teilzunehmen: Es ist möglich, Zoom im Browser zu nutzen, ohne irgendwas zu installieren. Wenn man dazu aufgefordert wird, den Client zu installieren, gibt es auch kleingedruckt einen Link, um ohne die Installation teilzunehmen. Im Browser fehlen viele Funktionen und auch die aus Funk und Fernsehen™ bekannte Übersicht mit allen Teilnehmern fehlt, man sieht nur die sprechende Person, aber dafür bleibt das eigene System sauber.

@mondstern 😀 Ich fand es schön, das alles mal so zusammengefasst zu lesen.

I went for a short walk to the nearest mailbox and I carried my with me to get a feeling for the number of people who actually use the German Corona Warn App. I was pleasantly surprised.

New firmware release for your card10badge:

v1.16 - Pandemic Potato


@glenda I remember how I missed this sound when I switched to DSL. 😆

Dieser #rc3 wirft schwerwiegende logistische Fragen auf. Mate kann man sich organisieren, Menschen kann man auch digital kennenlernen, Vorträge schaut man eh online nach.


DAFÜR gibt es nun schicke Sticker von den #StickerSchicker​n!

Received and assembled my Technology Fume Extractor today. Now I just need to burn in the air quality sensor and find something to solder in order to test it.

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