The /#SegaGenesis has seen several high quality releases during the past few years. How about the ? A quick search of and Kickstarter was rather disillusioning. Where does the scene hide?

Finally done. My has a new enclosing now. 50/60Hz and language switches moved from the top to the back. Added proper stereo audio out jacks and s-video out which provides a nice crisp image.

Just spent an hour debugging a trivial circuit wondering why the video output lacked color. Then flipped the 50/60Hz switch. 🤦

Just a quick test of the downloadable ROM of with subpar hardware. I was a little bit hesitant with regard to the controls, but I was pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to test the version and for the cartridge to arrive.

Finally got a defective from EBay (bottom) in order to replace the scratched shell of my device. LED does not light up, power switch feels broken. Let's see if the poor thing is beyond repair now.

The first and only games I played on a on a lazy afternoon in December '92. Never used a Sega system again until buying a dirt cheap in 2003. Of course I had to get the two games too.

Played "World of Illusion" with the offspring today. I forgot how much fun the two player cooperative mode is. Are there any other non-/low-violent games for the /#segagenesis with a similar two player mode?


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