I always liked the look of the and I was finally able to replace the worn case of my with this black case today.

EEPROMs flashed, both cartridges (Versa64 cart, Super Snapshot v5 clone) work. 🥳

That was fun. I wonder if they will work. Will flash EPROMs tomorrow. I hope I will not fry my .

Inspired by I recovered the only code I wrote in the last century that has survived until today. It's nothing more but a bitmap and some text to speech (via SAM lib I ripped from "War Games"). Unfortunately some questionable humor forbids sharing the program.

Exercise 2: Fill an EEPROM with 8 Radar Rat Race ROM images and run it by putting it in the Super Snapshot V5. I hope the police won't come for me. I think I should get a more appropriate solution. 😂

The best thing about being an adult is getting what you wished for as a child. For me it was an EPROM programmer. So today I am having a little bit of fun. Exercise 1: Copying the EPROM of my Super Snapshot v5 to an EEPROM.

SID Chip Club by Markus Klein ()

Received the digital version today, cartridge will follow soon.

Instead of buying an extra monitor for my I use a cheap video grabber and now when I want to do stuff without occupying the family TV. Works pretty decent once I figured out all the command line foo: low.audioattack.de/viewing-the

Received the remastered version of Hunter's Moon today. Can't wait to dig out my Commodore 64 and play the game on the hardware it was designed for.

Oops! Does anybody know the soldering points of the reset button on the circuit board of the v5?


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