So Google basically lets the code of the apps rot until they are not able to fix it anymore!?

I just uploaded version 1.5.5 of my app EasyOpenLink to Google Play. The build will be available once the F-Droid build system feels like building it. The new version removes support for opening links in private mode in due to 😕

I just remembered that Joel Spolsky had written an article about how it is a bad idea to rewrite code from scratch and then I looked it up and the negative example he used was : 🤣

New versions break sh*t loads of things, bugtracker is unusable. Mozilla releases update which breaks not only the UI/UX but also the way incognito tabs are opened via 3rd party applications. This suvks. Glad that I don't do professionally anymore.

Still wondering why my little hobby app is particularly successful in India and what happened in 2017. (Blue is overall number of devices running the app, red is India.)

My phone recognizes the Stomp as a MIDI device out of the box. How about a smartphone app to change parameters in a convenient way? 🎸🤘

The possibilities are endless, but my spare time is not.

Just released version 1.5.0 of Easy Open Link:

It will be available on soon too:

New feature: Open links in incognito mode if Firefox, Fennec, or Jelly is installed.

Is this a glitch in Google's statistics or did my app just double its user base?


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