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Dug out my Cherry G80-3000 today. Oh, what a joy to work with this keyboard! I'd love to use it in the office, but I don't think my colleagues would approve. (Yes, I already tried rubber dampeners.)

"You are Teddybears" by STHLM was released 25 years ago today. Interesting how this band developed over the years. This record and the "Step On It" EP are still my favourites though.

The first and only games I played on a on a lazy afternoon in December '92. Never used a Sega system again until buying a dirt cheap in 2003. Of course I had to get the two games too.

Played "World of Illusion" with the offspring today. I forgot how much fun the two player cooperative mode is. Are there any other non-/low-violent games for the /#segagenesis with a similar two player mode?

Received the remastered version of Hunter's Moon today. Can't wait to dig out my Commodore 64 and play the game on the hardware it was designed for.

Still wondering why my little hobby app is particularly successful in India and what happened in 2017. (Blue is overall number of devices running the app, red is India.)

Changing batteries is so much fun if all you need to do is to remove 17 screws, be really careful to not break anything removing the battery which is glued in and transfer the NFC antenna (does not work anymore now). My next phone will be a .

Ich möchte mich gerne mal mit einem "Weil du dies magst, magst du bestimmt auch das"-Algorithmus unterhalten und ihn fragen, ob er manchmal einfach so aus Spaß zufällige Paarungen anzeigt und dann heimlich ein bisschen kichert.

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