Sorry, I couldn't resist changing the standby screen of my eBook reader. However, I was surprised how well the e-ink screen handles the image.

I just created my first keymap for the Technology Macro Pad 8. Thanks to firmware the hardest problem was to decide where to place the different shortcuts to control . I will review an share the keymap later next week.

After 7 years I finally replaced the terrible Clickpad of my trusty old Lenovo L440 with a decent touchpad with buttons. They should have sold them like that.

I went hiking in the woods yesterday when it occurred to me that I was crossing the border of the federated states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. It used to be the border between East and West Germany and I didn't think there was any chance this would change when I was a kid.

Today is "replace those 25 year old batteries of the cartriges"-day at my house.

Just found this old SD card with the first programm I ever wrote for a mobile device which is also my last attempt at writing a game (so far). I still like the pseudo raster bars. Outbreak (summer of 2009), video/images show the game running in J2ME Loader

I always liked the look of the and I was finally able to replace the worn case of my with this black case today.

EEPROMs flashed, both cartridges (Versa64 cart, Super Snapshot v5 clone) work. 🥳

That was fun. I wonder if they will work. Will flash EPROMs tomorrow. I hope I will not fry my .

The PCBs have arrived! I hope I will find some time tonight to check if I have ordered all the right parts to populate them.

"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good"

I was thrilled when Google introduced Material Design, but things really went downhill during the past one or two years. Luckily I rarely use any of the Google apps.

Inspired by I recovered the only code I wrote in the last century that has survived until today. It's nothing more but a bitmap and some text to speech (via SAM lib I ripped from "War Games"). Unfortunately some questionable humor forbids sharing the program.

Exercise 2: Fill an EEPROM with 8 Radar Rat Race ROM images and run it by putting it in the Super Snapshot V5. I hope the police won't come for me. I think I should get a more appropriate solution. 😂

The best thing about being an adult is getting what you wished for as a child. For me it was an EPROM programmer. So today I am having a little bit of fun. Exercise 1: Copying the EPROM of my Super Snapshot v5 to an EEPROM.

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