Purchase oft the day: "Die HiFi Stereo-Kulisse - 98 Geräusche Für Den Film- Und Tonbandfreund"

I was a little bit disappointed to find out that the QR code in only contains a URL which redirects to a wrestling card game app. I had expected something slightly more subversive.

Just finished reading the Pizza Book, as my SO calls it. The were one of my favorite bands in the 90s, but I somehow lost interest after . The reminded me of what I loved about them.

This is why light switches should be replaced when they make funny noises.

"All Boro Kings" by was released 25 years ago today. It is probably the most 90s CD I own.

Toyed with the interface of the Stomp tonight. Does anybody have a full overview of the commands? I sniffed some of them using , but that's pretty tedious work.

This week my job took me close to the place in my hometown of Brunswick, Germany where used to produce computers for the European market. I've been there years ago, but I didn't notice the sign back then. They also have an exhibition, which I yet have to visit.

Watching "Aanrijding in Moscou", I noticed the office building I worked in nearly 10 years ago hiding in the background.

Finally got a defective from EBay (bottom) in order to replace the scratched shell of my device. LED does not light up, power switch feels broken. Let's see if the poor thing is beyond repair now.

"Use your nose" by @Millencolin was released 25 years ago today. I don't know how many times I listened to it riding my bike home from school.

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