apps are prime example of . Updated phone to 17.1. Wondered why the calendar was just a viewer and stumbled down a rabbit hole. Google removed functionality due to their own API changes instead of fixing it.


Absolutely, they are all rotting since looong ago. Also the aosp keyboard ist almost unusable (dictionarys).

I hope one day there will be an alternative to Android.

Please don't mention SailfishOS or I will freak out. Again.

@davidak @nause_marc

Of course they count, I test various Linux phone efforts regularly. My biggest concern is battery usage.

I was really impressed with a pure Debian + phosh on the #pinephone. Quite nice (except battery runs out in a few hours even with screen off and no network).

@ashimokawa The AOSP apps worked fairly well for me until I updated to Android 10. Now it all seems to fall apart. I used to like Android and I really enjoyed developing apps for it, but nowadays it is only a compromise for me.


They did work well by coincidence, but they were abandoned long ago AFAIK.

@nause_marc yeah if it weren't for FDroid maintaining a ton of alternatives to built-in apps we'd be in a pretty bad place rn. Google is just phasing out their open code for proprietary "cloud" bullshit and you can't even have a regular local calendar anymore without a different calendar app

@thufie I use Etar for my calendar now, Todo Agenda for the calendar widget and DAVx5 for calendar/contacts sync with my own server, as well as a lot of other free software to manage my personal data. All installed via . Unfortunately I still rely on a few apps from the Play Store for some commercial services I use, but I hope to overcome this dependency some day soon.

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