Moved from to about 5 years ago. Looks like its time to move again. @codeberg came to my attention recently. Thinking about becoming a sustaining member.

@rskikuli @codeberg I have only created an account so far, have not moved repositories yet. One reason is that I received an email from GitLab stating that they will add tracking (shared with 3rd parties) soon. Another reason is: I also like the mission statement of @codeberg and I think it is time for me to not take everything for granted anymore. That's why I decided to become a paying member.

I will probably keep my GitLab and GitHub accounts for collaboration though.


I also received that email and thought: “oh well, this is the beginning of the end”.

Concerning #GitLab's handbook changes, I haven't had a chance to read them yet (though they've been partially reversed it appears). I have to say we do not discuss politics at my company either. Or rather, we're not supposed to, in practice we do but that's amongst people who are friends as well as colleagues. As a guideline it's good to avoid useless hamster wheel subjects.

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@nause_marc @rskikuli @codeberg

The bit about taking anyone's #money on the other hand is a lot more problematic. You really do not want to do that. I do not do that. My company does not do that.


But more importantly, the #CEO of the top multinational where I used to work did not do that: when asked (and I was a direct witness) why the company was not doing business in (war torn country that every US/EU company was pillaging) he said without a moment's hesitation: “we are not in the business of getting people killed”. I'm proud to say everyone in the room, suits, engineers and scientists alike, we all spontaneously stood up and applauded, with some fighting back tears.


If a company with 130,000 employees and offices in about 150 countries can refuse customers on moral grounds, then so can the rest of us.

I learned that lesson and I also learned that at least some big companies can and actually do give a shit about leaving the world in a better state that they found it.

That's my perspective as well. More broadly, after 10+ years of using code repositories I think it's never too late for a non-profit initiative like #codeberg with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Freemium VC-based platforms, even open source like GitLab, remain tied to cycles of profitability that are dangerous to the community
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@nause_marc @codeberg hello, you are appearing on my timeline. I love libre software. Where is your repo address?

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