Christmas is coming so with it I post my favorite meme for the occasion.

I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

Sorry, I couldn't resist changing the standby screen of my eBook reader. However, I was surprised how well the e-ink screen handles the image.

Do your friends code? 💻 Do they know #Codeberg?
Invite them to code freely on, the #OpenSource and community-maintained #Git-Hosting powered by #Gitea :gitea:!

I just created my first keymap for the Technology Macro Pad 8. Thanks to firmware the hardest problem was to decide where to place the different shortcuts to control . I will review an share the keymap later next week.

After 7 years I finally replaced the terrible Clickpad of my trusty old Lenovo L440 with a decent touchpad with buttons. They should have sold them like that.

I went hiking in the woods yesterday when it occurred to me that I was crossing the border of the federated states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. It used to be the border between East and West Germany and I didn't think there was any chance this would change when I was a kid.

Wir haben rausgefunden, dass in #Niedersachsen laut Corona-VO jetzt standardmäßig #Digitalpflicht und sogar #Digitalzwang gilt. Krasser Kram. #LucaApp wirds freuen.

Danke an den #freiheitsfoo für die gute Kooperation 💚

Today is "replace those 25 year old batteries of the cartriges"-day at my house.

GitNex 4.0.0 is released with revamped UI, user profile and many more new features and improvements.

Watch release and an overview video of 4.0.0

Release blog post,

Feel free to share and spread the word.

#gitnex #gitea #android #app #git #codeberg

Just found this old SD card with the first programm I ever wrote for a mobile device which is also my last attempt at writing a game (so far). I still like the pseudo raster bars. Outbreak (summer of 2009), video/images show the game running in J2ME Loader

Good #software #documentation is a key to make your work reusable for others and lower the barrier for contributors to join the project.

Join the Codeberg #Docuthon starting today till July 17 and help improve the docs for your project or assist us with the Codeberg Docs.

Read more on the blog:

#FLOSS #Git #Codeberg

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