Oooops! JCenter will be gone in May. Gonna get myself some popcorn and watch the Android ecosystem burn.

So Google basically lets the code of the apps rot until they are not able to fix it anymore!?

2020 has been a disappointment so far. I'll just set up a decentralized to cheer myself up. Node 1 is up already.

Rattle! Rattle! What is this? It's my copy of and of course the useless metal shield which covered the epoxy mess fell off.

I went for a short walk to the nearest mailbox and I carried my with me to get a feeling for the number of people who actually use the German Corona Warn App. I was pleasantly surprised.

New firmware release for your card10badge:

v1.16 - Pandemic Potato


Dieser #rc3 wirft schwerwiegende logistische Fragen auf. Mate kann man sich organisieren, Menschen kann man auch digital kennenlernen, Vorträge schaut man eh online nach.


DAFÜR gibt es nun schicke Sticker von den #StickerSchicker​n!

Received and assembled my Technology Fume Extractor today. Now I just need to burn in the air quality sensor and find something to solder in order to test it.

"Pus shit application is the worst no good yuck"

Messages from Google with reviews like this let me appreciate that does not feature any user reviews. Entries in my app's bugtracker are usually much more constructive than most reviews on the Play Store.

I am seriously thinking about deleting my Google Developer account.

Fibonachos (I went to way too much trouble setting up this joke).

I went for a walk in the woods today and it occurred to me that it should be possible to automatically create hiking routes from data (spiced up with data maybe). A short web search only turned up Isn't this a thing or do I suck at search?

I just realized that the design of the shirt I am wearing today has similarities with . Looks all sharp from the surface, but once you look closer you only find the small miserable truth and it is all held together by nothing but a little bit of string.

#android #fdroid #floss

New version 0.50.1 ist out.

My weather forecast app left beta!

Key features:
- does not track the user
- GPLv3
- uses open data of the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)
- weather warnings for Germany
- supports #gadgetbridge

See the project page here at #codeberg:

You can get apks from the project page or from here:

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