Instead of buying an extra monitor for my I use a cheap video grabber and now when I want to do stuff without occupying the family TV. Works pretty decent once I figured out all the command line foo:

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Just installed /e/ on my good old MotoX Play. It comes with the latest security patches. While I love the MotoX Play hardware, I will not use it as a daily driver anymore since 16 is available for my , but it is good to have an up to date backup. @e_mydata

The most meaningful thing I did this year: I donated peripheral blood stem cells which helped somebody else to survive a terrible disease.

If you need a New Year's resolution, why not set the goal to register as a stem cell donor in 2020 (for example with )?

Had to leave today. I failed meeting several people I wanted to meet, but also had some unexpected encounters. I only attended 2 talks, but I held my first lightning talk and I attended a cool SMD soldering workshop. I had a blast, but will prepare myself better next time.

Will anybody bring a Bangle.js to ? I would like to have a short look at the hardware. (Will not disassemble, I promise!)

The Bangle.js hackable smart watch looks really tempting. It would be an instant buy for me, if I had not bought an Amazfit Bit just a few months ago which pretty much serves all my needs (but is not open).

There was just no way Arduino IDE and I would become friends. I set up ( on ( today and it is just such a joy to work with. Finally I am getting stuff done on microcontrollers.

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Why I start hating to build free software are comments like these:

"Gadgetbridge always fetch wrong data from my watch. It seems like there is no plan to solve this issue. I'm totally disappointed."

Any idea how to deal with people who use software that was created by volunteers in their free time, and then complain and demand?


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