Inspired by the announcement of the Collection I dug out my small collection of first person shooters for the . While they are technically impressive for the unsuitable hardware, they are just no fun for me. For me the age of FPS starts with . 🤷

Woohoo! I have my own Mastodon instance now (hosted by @mastohost). I will finish moving from @nause_marc to @m2c_n3e as soon as the next version of Mastodon which fixes will be released.

I like big pumps and cannot lie
You other engineers can't deny
If your screw don't weigh tons,
My Archimedes don't want none.

@julienxx Since you run your own Mastodon instance with a comparably small number of users: What do you think are reasonable specs for a machine running a setup like yours? What is important (RAM, CPU, disk space)?

Please don't feel obliged to answer. Only answer if you fell like it and if you are comfortable with sharing details of your system.

Has the Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection Volume 4 PC CD ROM ever been released in Germany? I found the Spanish and the UK version, but I would prefer the German version for consistency.

Thought experiment: You can spend 10-15€ on spotify each month, meaning 120-180€ per year. For music there can disappear at any moment and that you'll never own, or you can spend 10-15€ each months to buy an album on Bandcamp (or any other service that provides DRM-free downloads), support the artists more and retain your personal music library even when Bandcamp goes out of business.

The former is a subscription plan, the latter is an investment plan.

Tonight I had a look at what changes when you copy a disk after upgrading the cartridge RAM of your to 32kB.

Too tired to hack tonight, but I am happy that my 2 smart watch has arrived. I am curious if it will replace my Amazfit Bip for daily usage. The hardware is more or less the same, but being able to change the software is pretty cool.

Christmas is coming so with it I post my favorite meme for the occasion.

I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

Sorry, I couldn't resist changing the standby screen of my eBook reader. However, I was surprised how well the e-ink screen handles the image.

Do your friends code? 💻 Do they know #Codeberg?
Invite them to code freely on, the #OpenSource and community-maintained #Git-Hosting powered by #Gitea :gitea:!

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