"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good"

I was thrilled when Google introduced Material Design, but things really went downhill during the past one or two years. Luckily I rarely use any of the Google apps.

Inspired by I recovered the only code I wrote in the last century that has survived until today. It's nothing more but a bitmap and some text to speech (via SAM lib I ripped from "War Games"). Unfortunately some questionable humor forbids sharing the program.

New firmware update for your @card10badge@twitter.com: v1.17 R2R Rocket: card10.badge.events.ccc.de/fir

Lot's of new features including BLE peripheral support from MicroPython 1.14.

When did Android app development stop being fun?

Exercise 2: Fill an EEPROM with 8 Radar Rat Race ROM images and run it by putting it in the Super Snapshot V5. I hope the police won't come for me. I think I should get a more appropriate solution. 😂

The best thing about being an adult is getting what you wished for as a child. For me it was an EPROM programmer. So today I am having a little bit of fun. Exercise 1: Copying the EPROM of my Super Snapshot v5 to an EEPROM.

Every winter I move the orange tree from the balcony to the staircase and I am rewarded with blossoms and fruits. Citrus plants rock! 😊

I love the new charging level log feature of 0.55.0 app! I can tell when I went running with the GPS of my turned on by looking at the graph.

Oooops! JCenter will be gone in May. Gonna get myself some popcorn and watch the Android ecosystem burn.


So Google basically lets the code of the apps rot until they are not able to fix it anymore!?

2020 has been a disappointment so far. I'll just set up a decentralized to cheer myself up. Node 1 is up already.

Rattle! Rattle! What is this? It's my copy of and of course the useless metal shield which covered the epoxy mess fell off.

I went for a short walk to the nearest mailbox and I carried my with me to get a feeling for the number of people who actually use the German Corona Warn App. I was pleasantly surprised.

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