the other day i was in various hospital waiting rooms for hours with an oculus go on my face. made it through like half of super metroid and a few episodes of parks and rec. i'm normalizing vr in public spaces so you don't have to

also hi i'm back don't forget to play yo noid 2

ultimate genuinely is "the spiritual successor to melee" i've been waiting for for almost eighteen years

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in less than 24 hours i'm gonna be playing smash ultimate i can't contain myself

tbh they don't even have to announce any more characters, they already got everyone

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smash bros predictions

it's gotta be travis touchdown baby

maybe a cold glass of milk but that just comes with the victory, baaaaaaaaaaby

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literally NOTHING beats the euphoria that comes from securing a freelance gig right before you gotta pay rent

microled, 5nm manufacturing, and 802.11ay are all crucial technologies needed to make AR work right. it seems like ~2020 is when we might see some of the first consumer headsets

ah, i can rant about AR because in reality that's all i fucking care about rn!!!!

since the last time y'all saw me i moved to portland and worked for a while on a video game called state of decay 2.

if you or your company wants to hire a full time video producer/graphic designer/ui designer please message me


it stands for myles & wraith content online.

we launched a brand new youtube channel, and i hope you all like what we are working on. youve never seen anything like this before

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