Interested in or , but don't know where to start, or know you could get more out of them? Whether you need help installing Emacs, improving your configuration, or learning + applying best practices for text-editing and productivity, I can help.

I'm offering a pilot program of a personalized Emacs Bootcamp. For $250, I will support you with 4 live video calls in a two month period. If you're interested, email me at

Hi! I’d love to talk to developers who are building products + services + are interested in design.

Not looking to sell anything - just want to get advice. I'd love to chat for just 20 minutes. You can book a chat here:

Today, I published the first three articles in a series examining cryptocurrencies and the possible futures they open up for organizations, communities, and individuals. Here's the first article - enjoy!

@yogthos Thank you for your kind answer about Web Sockets on Reddit! :)

@publicvoit Thanks for the tip to look into yankpad. Still getting the hang of it but I think I like it.

@Conornash Am I right that you read my posts on Emacs and Org-Mode on Medium? What did you think? :)

What are your best practices and links for time-tracking in Org-Mode, both for $ and for self-knowledge?

Hej mastodon

I'm writing an article about social media in 2017. I guess some of you have left birbsite for good. If some of you would care to give me short (and quoteable) statement "why" and "why mastodon is better", you'd make a journalist very happy.

Of course anon/pseudoymity is no problem. German prefered, but english is fine, re-toots are appriecated.

I tried again and it seems to be working now. I had to recreate the table? I think. Hard to debug, exactly, but it seems to be working now. I'll try to keep my eye on what + why if this happens again.

I'm using tags at the top level of the subtrees for their projects. Tags are basically "client1" and "client2". The tags set in the reports are identical to these tags.

I just started having multiple projects for multiple clients, and figured it was time to invest some time into learning to use clocking in in a more advanced way.

I was happy to find that I can create custom reports based on tag, e.g., one tag per client. tag: "client1", :tag "client2".

I wasn't so happy to find that this functionality doesn't actually seem to work (or that I'm doing something wrong.) Would love some help.

Client1's invoice is fine. Client2's invoice has both.

Kind of resistant to doing Git/VC on Org Mode files since they change so often. Dropbox's VC is automatic and easier.

Had this happen to me earlier today. Downloaded a version from earlier in the day from Dropbox, copied subtree by subtree.

Have you ever accidentally deleted a whole swath of an file, and not noticed it until after the file was saved? How do you guard against that?

System76 will DISABLE Intel Management Engine on all of their laptops.

System76 is an American computer reseller specializing in the sale of Linux notebooks, desktops, servers.

They are using ME cleaner with -S on all systems where possible - HAP bit will be set AND code removed. All systems will then be tested thoroughly.

Intel's ME is suspected to work as a backdoor access to all computers running it.


#System76 #Linux #ME #Intel #Github #laptops

If you're still on Twitter, make sure you're following SethAbramson regarding

Are tootstorms a thing? I don't think I've seen any but no reason why there couldn't be any.

@veer66 Are you interested in providing feedback on the post? :)

@jeff_terrell @publicvoit For context, I've been taking an online course that's been dramatically reconfiguring how I use Emacs on a meta level

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