It's taken me 9 years to come around, but most changes between Python 2 and 3 are very minor and easy to remember.

Machine learning :: it's not just for CompSci PhDs and startups anymore!

Can I learn to machine learn? Let's find out.

# Bad news
The tensorflow documentation requires some supplementing if you are not already familiar with machine learning and how it works and what it is and stuff.

# Good news
It's all python. It's just python. You can do it.

Rick & Morty 

Google maps 

Google maps 

Finally watched the first episode of Mr. Robot. For the record, Tor exit relay operators don't have any privileged position that would allow them to de-anonymize hidden services.

If you wish there were some stream on Twitch where you could dip in and out to watch old public domain/cc cartoons any time day or night, just a reminder that this exists and I'm proud of it.

It feels really good that I finished writing a script for a TV show pilot last night. Today, I've been thinking up a title and adding stuff to a show bible.

Scarcity is a mindset. Abundance is a mindset. Freaking out over how broke you are is a sure way to stay broke in the long term. Meditating on the scarcity you're living, as necessary as it may seem, is no way to escape from poverty.

The actual conditions of our lives can be described so many ways

Take time to think about how talented you are, how valuable of a person you are. Switch focus to what you have going for you. Others will reciprocate when you give from your own vast inner resources.

Proud normie


Normie today, normie for the forseeable future, normie forever

Make normies something-something again

Normies 4 life

Norman Normal


Normies R Beautiful


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Those Were Precisely To Concede

She was anatomizing
a few of the plums
which were before every icebox

or which
I will probably be breathing
prior to breakfast

Disperse yourself
it has been delicious
peculiarly sweet
and especially cold

My numerous enemies would have you believe I'm living a miserable existence, in isolation and shame.

The opposite is true.

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by people who love me, and I am proud of my many accomplishments.

"Why can't we ask any questions?"

"If you are out of high school, and you have already had your first professional experience (wherever it was), question-asking is no longer a success strategy for you. Instead, you must acquire information in a way that will allow people to respect you."


You have 60 seconds to discover as much as you can from another person about what they've heard about you and your life decisions; then try to supplant each of those impressions with your version of events.

And you can't ask any questions.


If you are my friend/family in the extra-computer IRL world, and you read my Masto, you can still follow me on Masto and I won't be offended. It's ok

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