i am not sure that i should share it here

but i think that everyone should know that dozens of weird internet men have uploaded pictures and videos of themselves ejaculating to the WikiMedia Commons, you know, for the public good.

they are all pretending it is clinical.

It's the remix to Twitter, all those devs they be bitter, users rollin in content but ain't no ads up in hither. Gimme that toot toot. Don't gimme that tweet tweet

You just lost 

the game.

(throwback toot.)

500 characters is such a larger canvas on which to paint my screams

mastodon is like if twitter was an MMO and you get all worried you joined a server that your friends won't be on/doesn't have the cools

So, weird, if you look at a user on another instance, you can only see how many followers they have on the instance you are on... See those asterisks? That's what that means...

c'est beau la tootosphère quand même

if you are not ✅
dont even want to kno u
this is a haiku

will the different instances develop their own internally coherent references and slang?

what if we develop our own distinct cultures and cannot communicate anymore

will this be like the reddit of twitter (*shudders*)

i like mastodon.xyz but feel like maybe I should join awoo.space when it opens back up

"Twitter sucks, I wish there was an alternative."
[Alternative arises]
"Not bad, but why can't it do the things Twitter does?"

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