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Demande de conseil pour mettre sous licence du code 

I wish there was a way to redirect Tor users to the .onion address of the websites they're accessing

Pffff faudrait que je change mon /etc/hostname parce que "leArch" c'est pas folichon

to be honest I like Debian XFCE there's something in it that makes me feel at peace with the universe

Remind me next time to not install an operating system on a hard disk drive, it's so slow

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Another proof that Venezuela's dangerous for democracy as they're using Lunix, an operating system made by USSR 😡

That's kind of the reason I don't use Trisquel or anything like that. If the system won't let me use a program because it isn't free software, then it's me, the user that isn't free. Reminds me of macOS or Windows in some way.

Debian isn't considered by the FSF as a Free Software Operating System because, while it's by default running with zero proprietary software, the user can *opt-in* to install non-free software.

Whoa, you can't even have the liberty to use your computer the way you want with the FSF.

Hi my name is Leia and I love drinkinkg 1.5 liters of water per day

Je vois déjà les gens qui se plaignent de Mastodon rire sur la dernière ligne

Et je me rends compte que a une traduction incomplète ! Est-ce que celle-ci vous plaît ?

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Someone told me he's pissed that Mastodon doesn't have an official Android client (like tootsuite won't release an app and we have to rely on third-party clients) and it's the worst thing I heard today

And the system is actually using only 105MB of RAM out of 1GB I'm so shocked rn

Obviously, Pleroma is running in localhost mode, maybe when I'll move in my own flat you will be able to reach it.

When they say that Pleroma can run on low-end machines, they ain't lying.

Here's a screenshot of Pleroma running on a Mac Mini G4, an Apple computer released in 2005.

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