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@mrtino why encrypt your messages when you can speak Breton

I love giving infos about me to Gaben

Why would you use Signal when you can use Steam Chat

@jkb j'ai 19 ans et j'en ai déjà marre de me sentir vieille

@dtluna @rixx I would say it's just to avoid people having outdated versions of the server part and having people weakening the overall security by setting up the server badly

@dtluna @rixx Here's the source code for Signal Android: github.com/signalapp/Signal-An

And here's the server source code: github.com/signalapp/Signal-Se

You won't have any documentation on how to run the server, as the main developer doesn't want Signal to federate with your own server, but people still managed to do it

Il existe une vidéo de moi à 5 ans en train de m'enjailler sur Axel F - Crazy Frog

@dtluna @rixx I don't get why would Signal be a proprietary service, the source code is out there
But I do get you can't run your own instance and expect it would federate

[…] Et ce soir je m'endors au pays des merveilles

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We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

Plantu a connu un monde où Nintendogs n'existait pas

No one:

Me, on December 31st 2019 at 23:59:59 : Well boys, we did it, 2019 is no more

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