Hey y'all what do you think about Crunchyroll

"Stanley Kubrick shot the Moon landing in a studio" is as true as "hamsters are made of ham"

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Technology Connections - TOSLINK: That one consumer fiber optic standard youtube.com/watch?v=ICcEOXVZ3F

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@fluffy @dolfsquare Debian supported ppc until Debian 8, and it was dropped because "noone wanted to support it"
at least there's OpenBSD, but I don't know if there's a working web browser (i only need that to say it's an OK Computer)

@dolfsquare I installed it on my uni laptop in 2017, never reinstalled it or anything

@dolfsquare @fluffy I have a Mac Mini G4 running Gentoo since February, since it's the last Linux distro supported on PPC

oh you're btw I use arch too? cool
Because same

You can't talk about Bigfoot in Europe, you have to say Bigmeter

capitalism, death mention, "funny" ad 

Just let people use whatever they want ffs

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