Vivement le kebab gratuit lors du 12ème tamponnage

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You have been visited by CNT-FAI frog. Boost within 1936 milliseconds and you will initiate an anarcho-syndicalist uprising.

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On the box art of Super Mario Galaxy, if you take the letters with sparkles around, you can read "U R Mr Gay" (as seen on left image).

Super Mario Galaxy 2 responds with those same sparkling letters, backwards. "YA I M R U", that you can read as "Yeah I am, are you?"

J'aurais préféré "pour mettre fin au capitalisme" mais c'est comme tu veux LREM

Bonjour je m'appelle François et je suis humoriste

ça donne envie de faire des memes avec un espace si peu occupé

This product has been certified Farage-compatible

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I think it's a nice way to present my instance on

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