oh wow, another elitist Linux meme, what a surprise

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Just let people use whatever they want ffs

@mrtino I feel like this meme is more making fun of the elitists

@mrtino I mean, this meme format is often used in an ironic, non serious way

Not gonna say anything though, I'm an arch user, aka the worst spawn of Linux user :D

oh you're btw I use arch too? cool
Because same

@dolfsquare @fluffy I have a Mac Mini G4 running Gentoo since February, since it's the last Linux distro supported on PPC

@mrtino oh this is a bit sad. I don't like seeing distos drop support of some architecture (although I do understand why) @dolfsquare

@fluffy @dolfsquare Debian supported ppc until Debian 8, and it was dropped because "noone wanted to support it"
at least there's OpenBSD, but I don't know if there's a working web browser (i only need that to say it's an OK Computer)

@mrtino ya I've been using it for a the past 4 years, I love its lightness.

@dolfsquare I installed it on my uni laptop in 2017, never reinstalled it or anything

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