The original image is 5 PETABYTES large, it's amazing how they acheived to make it fit in a few kilobytes

The black hole is 38 BILLION kilometers wide oh god oh fuck

@marsxyz @mrtino

Juste a joke.

Degauss filter would reverse the gauss (blur) filter, but it's not doable.
Besides, it also refers to an electrical operation.

@mrtino l'image aurait pu être NSFW, mais le trou noir a mangé le W

Was it taken from a Galaxy ?
Blurry as it looks it may be from mine !


Okay are we 100000000000000% positive this isn’t a NASA Troll just blurring out his own sphincter and cackling at our dumbasses rn?

@denikombucha @mrtino

Q. How would you know that?
A. Cuz I'm totally a troll and that's what I would do.

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