When they say that Pleroma can run on low-end machines, they ain't lying.

Here's a screenshot of Pleroma running on a Mac Mini G4, an Apple computer released in 2005.

Obviously, Pleroma is running in localhost mode, maybe when I'll move in my own flat you will be able to reach it.

And the system is actually using only 105MB of RAM out of 1GB I'm so shocked rn

@mrtino There have been a few running on pentium 3 or 4 too.
I would even have tried on them to be honest.

@lanodan We should try running Pleroma on a GameCube or something

@mrtino Pretty sure even the Wii would be a scretch, Nintendo makes hardware even less powerful than toasters.

@xj9 well it's on par with a Pi Zero W, but you can't really compare since some RPis have a multi-core CPU while the Mac Mini has a single-core CPU

@mrtino that’s great news! that means i can install pleroma on my thermostat

@mrtino Gigahertz and gigabytes seems a fairly generous definition of 'low-end' to me, but then I *am* pretty old.

@leeb it's not because it has 1GB of RAM and 1.25GHz that it means it's fast

It's actually horrible to use, and that's one of the reasons I switched from Mac OS X to Gentoo

But yeah, compiling GCC for 12 hours or Seamonkey for 4 hours (and still being unable to browse the web smoothly) is fun

@mrtino I didn't mention 'fast'. I was just surprised that it counted as 'low-end' these days. I think that says something about the state of application and web development these days. But like I said, I'm old. You kick on and enjoy what you've got!

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