@mrtino how the fuck would you forcibly redistribute the milk in "anarcho" communism. You dont get your childish utopia with people like me around

@igeljaeger everyone knows their need in milk and reminders that "you wouldn't do what you wouldn't want others do to you" should be fine

@mrtino I want to have days where all I drink is milk. Maybe even a month. You dont get to decide what I want to do.

@igeljaeger I won't forbid you to drink milk for a month, there's only a moral obligation to not take all of the milk available

@mrtino moral obligations only make sense in tiny communities. I live in a city. Nobody can tell me I have an obligation to anyone but those I made contracts with

@igeljaeger living in a society (a city or a country is, de facto, a society) ties you to a Social Contract that you never signed but are kind of obliged to follow
You may have heard of the Declaration of Human Rights, stating that everyone is equal and therefore has equal rights
Society will pressure you to follow its rules, if you don't respect them, don't ask for respect in return

@mrtino @igeljaeger

People won't just stop killing each others !! Stop speaking about your utopian childish systems !
@mrtino I dont expect it. This ideology still makes no sense. People have an ego. It's human nature. Yours doesnt even work with that in mind. The second "anarcho communism" would take effect I'd be hoarding whatever I can find and start trading it so I dont starve like the other retards

@igeljaeger yeah well go and make "egoist anarchism" a real thing

@mrtino I wont make anything a real thing. And neither will you

@snacks to be fair I had difficulties to understand egoïst anarchism

@orekix for food, yeah, but what about electronics?

@mrtino complicated because less people have the knowledge to create logic boards
@orekix @mrtino they (those who have the knowledge) probably wouldn't want to mine resources, creating all the components, etc and they will want food and other goods.

@mrtino I did a whole two cows thing for Ancient Greece a while back, it is a v good joke format. :)

@mrtino Primitivism: You spend 2 weeks hunting a cow. You kill it with a rock and bring it back to your camp where others throw you off a cliff for inventing advanced technology.

@mrtino I feel sorry for Stirner but... it is funny


Techno-Primitivism: everyone has their own genetically engineered goats that produce any flavor of milk

@mrtino Speciesist violence is neither funny nor should it be considered anarchist.

@therealraccoon yeah well you should consider yourself as a green anarchist

@mrtino I consider myself an anarchist with and without adjectives, but this is not about me.

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