Alrighty then, I'll build on an Hetzner VPS 😤

@mrtino Basically why the only time I compiled android was with renting a VPS for about a week.
@lanodan @mrtino And I thought that compiling gcc or llvm / clang takes a lot of time :smugsiptea:
@kitsune @mrtino Ah you heard of the lord and destructor GOOGLE? (fugging chromium taking 6+ hours when you don’t have enough RAM for jumbo-build)
@kitsune @mrtino Building firefox is okay, well, non-rust one because rust fails much more often than gcc.

@lanodan yeah I could do that actually

Hetzner makes it possible, right?

@lanodan well it would piss me off to pay for something that may not work (since I never built Android before)

@mrtino *rit en Android 5*
(en vrai ça doit pas être tellement mieux)

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