@mrtino Technically speaking, there are no arrays in C though... 🤔

Well, the language does implement arrays, but... its in fact a pointer to a memory address in the heap... In other words, arrays in C do not start at 0, but at their specific address... Same in C++ If I recall correctly...

So... while in other languages with protected types it might start at 0 or 1, in C/C++ they would trully start at 0x1fffecd or whatever.

You can still use indexes though... but these are just multipliers.

@mrtino Tu peux me dire comment tu fais un tableau en Perl qui commence pas par zéro ?

@mrtino Disons que je veux bien te croire, mais je ne vois pas comment on fait (et du coup j'ai de gros doutes ^^).

@mrtino Je crois que le Visual Basic permet de faire des tableaux qui ne commencent pas de zéro. Enfin, la doc dit que ça commence de zéro, mais il y a une fonction LBound [1] qui donne le premier index… ça serait bizarre de faire une fonction pour toujours renvoyer zéro.

[1] tutorialspoint.com/vbscript/vb

@thomas @mrtino
Je te confirme, en VB6/VBA, tu peux faire :
Dim Tableau(5)
Au quel cas, le tableau part de 0 ou 1 (voir Option Base) jusqu'à l'index 5
Sinon, tu peux faire :
Dim Tableau (-5 to 10)
Et là, à toi de t'amuser dans l'espace d'un entier 16 bits signé.

@thomas @mrtino
Cette permission n'est pas applicable à VB.NET qui lui fait systématiquement commencer les tableaux à 0.

Serious question 

Serious question 

Serious question 

Serious question 

Prelude> [4,6,1] ++ take 10 [3,7..]


@thfr @mrtino @AFresh1 hey, $[ has been discouraged since perl5 came out, became a noop in 5.16, and will become fatal in 5.30, the next release - metacpan.org/pod/distribution/$[

@mrtino actually in Star Wars 1, 2, and 3 are never found in arrays, it’s like they don’t even exist

@mrtino Arrays can start wherever?

That sounds like it would either be really useful, really frustrating, or both, based on my extremely limited knowledge of programming

@mrtino Haskell should have been in the "arrays can start wherever" group. Haskell array indexes don't even have to be numbers…

@mrtino For those times your arrays have a Holiday Special?

@mrtino @Sir_Boops not only Perl but also Pascal, for instance

it's pretty sad I know this

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