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Watching β€œThe Boys” for the first time. Love the premise so far. πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Update: it’s not perfect but it’s still an incredible value and makes biking up hills so much easier. 🚲 ⚑️

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β€˜What’s global capitalism ever done for me? What am I supposed to be scared of in socialism, the free health care or the free college?’

Apple Watch is several times more powerful than a 1980s Cray supercomputer which cost millions of dollars. ⌚️

Don't just read the link and go "I can't strike," there's also coordinated protests and other ways to get involved.

As the website says, "[o]ur house is on fire - let's act like it."

(Boost this or a better call to action, or write your own, please.)

The Timbers have so many injuries that they can’t fill an 18 man roster tonight. No defenders on the bench, does not bode well. 🌲⚽️ 😳

This article misses one important point (to me): an email address should work for decades. I don’t want to run a server myself that long, nor do I trust a small startup to last that long.

Bought our first ebike. It’s incredibly cheap ($600) but looks like a decent city bike; we’ll see how well it holds up.

I just released Sidekiq 6, Sidekiq Pro 5 and Sidekiq Enterprise 2. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ©

Will announce publicly on Monday so I can handle any bug reports this weekend.

A few weeks ago, Fabrice Bellard released a Javascript engine that's a "[f]ast interpreter with very low startup time", includes a bytecode compiler and can create executables.

Why wasn't this international news?

You ever think about how the push against free college in the US is probably backed by the military industrial complex because free college is one of the only incentives they can actually offer to poor Americans?

The point at 33:00 where the Timbers Army broke into song was truly a moving experience. Amazing.

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So weird to be at a Timbers game where the Army is completely silent. ⚽️🌲

I like this scotch because it looks like it was named for an eBay auction:

18 yr scotch, A+++++, EXTREMELY RARE

Weird how most "crimes against humanity" are crimes with a finite number of victims, but crimes like fossil fuel profiteering or the destruction of the rainforest, where humanity itself is the victim, aren't actually crimes at all

good news everyone, it’s croc martens!

@sir this reminds me of another situation I call The macOS Programming Problem:

Building a Rails app on macOS required figuring out how to install Postgres, Homebrew, etc. On Debian it was a routine apt-get. Much was written about setting up a Rails env for macOS; none for Debian.

When I asked people why they bought MacBooks, they explained that at least someone had figured out how to do Rails dev on it, unlike Debian.

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