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Trimmed my beard a bit and now my radio only plays MΓΆtΓΆrhead

Really excited to see the most Portland show: Flotsam, the river circus.

Professional soccer player Carson Pickett, meets a new fan, Joseph Tidd, who's less than 2 years old, in an unstaged photo snapped by his mom. #a11y

Amazing, entertaining Timbers 🌲⚽️ game last night and a great morning of bouldering with Nate Berkopec (I don’t think he’s on Mastodon?). Sent two V4s this week, life is good!

The Madrid derby was bananas, 10 goals scored! 🍌 ⚽️

A friend recently reminded me to use my privilege to back up somebody who needed it. I’m glad she did. (Though I also wish I’d thought of it myself.)

This is me paying it forward, at least a little. Please notice your power and stick up for people with less.

Sometimes it's hard to notice our own power so we have to teach ourselves to see it. Fellow cishet straight white dudes, I'm looking at you especially.

I've been rewatching a few Star Trek: TNG episodes and have been pleasantly surprised how well they've held up. Episodes have a diverse cast, plots make tough philosophical and moral questions (e.g. "What does a society owe to its veterans who've been damaged by war?") and little violence. As a bonus, the sets are hilariously low-tech and cheap looking, being pre-CGI.

Boss: β€œGood job on the Lansky report!”

Me: β€œThank you, I do my best”

Boss: β€œYou'll go far’re very...TALONTED”

Me: β€œ...hahaHAHAHAHAHA...THIS guy!”

Did you know 150 years ago, the California govt endorsed the genocide of Native people and killed 10,000s? Never appeared in my school’s history book.

"Each micro-service has its own Kubernetes cluster"

How exactly is that "micro"? πŸ€”

I solved it AND wrote a blog post, so take THAT, jive suckas! 😎

Proxying Golang Web Applications

Struggling to find any info about how to build a Go http app that can be transparently proxied by nginx.

SCRIPT_NAME is typically how you handle this in Rack/Django so the webapp knows to prepend a root prefix to all URLs in pages but I have no idea how to handle this in Go and can't find any examples.

Self, ec, pol 

At this point, I'm afraid Musk's hype of FSD (which will never work) will lead to class action lawsuits and the death of TSLA.

More than 40,000 people are killed on America’s roads annually in traffic violence, and more than 4 million are seriously injured. Since their 2017 rollout, rented e-scooters were reportedly involved in eight fatalities.

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