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Google/Facebook are to the health of our human rights and democracy what Philip Morris is to the health of our bodies and what Exxon Mobil is to the health of our habitat.

If youโ€™re a doctor, you do not get sponsored by Big Tobacco. If youโ€™re an environmentalist, you do not get sponsored by Exxon Mobil. If youโ€™re a privacy advocate, a human rights activist, or a democrat, you do not get sponsored by Google, Facebook, or any other surveillance capitalist.

Itโ€™s that simple.


For January I swore off alcohol ๐Ÿฅƒ and caffeine โ˜•๏ธ. So far I haven't had a drop of booze but only lasted about a week without caffeine. Having an espresso maker to tempt me was too much.

Good news everyone! I finally found all the checkboxes in the macOS settings I need to check/uncheck to stop my MacBook from waking from sleep by itself. Take a look here:

- advanced bluetooth settings
- energy settings
- notifications

The best part about mastodon's network is that it's so real. My job ad got mostly robot responses on birdsite. Here? All real people.

car of the future:
- electric powered
- can travel up to 200 mph
- passenger cap of 100
- runs along a track
- that sounds like a train
- yep its a train

My local jazz station, KMHD, has been playing MLK speeches and protest songs all morning. I need to give them more money.

The Earth's Shadow is about to pass in front of the moon, completely covering it in reddish light. Basically, the red light filtered and scattered by the atmosphere is the only light that reaches the moon's surface. There is a ring of sunset that bathes the moon in red light...

From Earth, it will be beautiful. And it's happening TONIGHT, at 11:41 p.m. EST to 1:51 a.m. across all of North and South America and some of Western Europe. Don't miss it!

For absolutely no critical reason I'm working on a #gopher client / server written with #ruby and #ncurses. There are tons of solid projects out there, but wanted to learn about the protocol and work more with networking / command line UI design.

The emojis are cute as fuck honestly, but I need to figure out how to get ASCII strings to play nicely with UTF-8

Having lots of fun. For those unfamiliar, gopher is the plaintext net w/o the frills and pomp of HTTP - emphasis on content :P

every crime is a crime of passion if you love crime enough

The Pyramid Scheme that Collapsed a Nation (really good segue toward the end to discuss how this affects America and the world today)

Oh shit! Massive teacher strike in L.A! For the students! <3

[Tens of thousands of Los Angeles teachers went on strike Monday after negotiations in the nationโ€™s second-largest school district collapsed.

Braving rain, teachers carrying signs saying "on strike for our students" and umbrellas stood in picket lines Monday morning demanding smaller class sizes, more nurses, counselors and librarians, higher wages for educators and more accountability for charter schools.]

Help, cat has fallen asleep right in my face and I canโ€™t get up.

@mperham I think most Python devs suffer from Celery fatigue by now โ€“ this looks definitely interesting, thank you!

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