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okay, #fediverse corruption nearing completion. ya know, just felt that ditching fb, google, amz, etc didn't cast me far enough into the realm of niche digital spaces.

@mysteryfish got me delving into #gopher

Tired of all the flashy images? Bloated js / sketch tracking cookies? Sick of firing up a GUI and - god forbid - chrome cranking 1G of mem just to read your bff's blog? We got you!!

Tunnel the net w/ us on gopher!
unix: lynx
android: Pocket Gopher (via f-droid), or DiggieDog (playstore)

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Updated Faktory's home page with a new feature table, blatantly stolen from Excited to expand that table in 2019! 🏭

We launched that at work the other day: β€” a ongoing collection of random facts with illustrations! Everyone in the studio is putting their hands to it, it’s kind of fun to work on, so I thought I might share it here :)

Also I made a mirror of our Twitter feed on Mastodon so that it is followable from the Fediverse!

Here it is: :mastodon:

There should be around 3 facts a week until we run out of ideas (hopefully never!).


me: This user interface is easy to use, intuitive and will survive the test of time.

my users:

I feel like I'm a terrible business person with a successful business. I'm launching Faktory Pro and adding features to it but not spending nearly enough time marketing it.

But there's only so much I can do as one person and I love writing code a lot more than I like writing email newsletters or blog posts. Maybe I will spend January making a big marketing push?


Hello fellow Tooters! I'm a blogger, vlogger, and podcaster based in the Portland, OR area. I make videos about essentialism and travel in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I write and talk about the intersection of art, technology, and a free (as in freedom) internet.

Check out my profile for links to my work and to check out all the photos I post here (so you can avoid that other commercial photo service!). I love chatting so feel free to @ me!

#introduction #introductions

@mperham I looked it up and as far as I can tell this is legal to ask in a job interview.

Large Hadron Collider

Very Large Array

Quite Big Telescope

Moderately Enormous Antenna

Monstrous Magnifying Glass

Ludicrously Sized Observatory

Stonking Humungous Sky-Guzzler

Incomprehensibly Cyclopean Science Behemoth of Mind-Flaying Dimensions

A Pair Of Binoculars So Huge You Just Can't Imagine, They're Even Huger, No Far Bigger Than That, Now Double It

The Budget Eater

Hugely disappointed I had to use `Sidekiq::Queue#clear` instead of the much more exciting`Sidekiq::Queue#πŸ’£` over SSH :fatyoshi:

Nice thing I heard tonight: ask people what they _need_ for Christmas, not what they want. More helpful, less consumption.

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You want an SLA? Well we're out of nines but you can have as many sixes as you want

@tootapp I noticed your keyboard doesn’t include return (so I can’t put line breaks in my toots) or suggest emojis (so if I type house, the autocomplete bar would show a house emoji) and I miss them more than I want the Hash key. Both are default iOS behavior I think?

Shout out to $1000 heater repairs. Home ownership: a journey with highs and lows.

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