@kenichi Respect, I will take a simple 25k HTML page any day over the multi-MB bloated JS-heavy pages these days.

Just learned the French word "infaux", meaning "fake news", and I think that is absolute genius.

My wife told me to man up so I just bought Toot! For Men; now I feel like a card-carrying member of the patriarchy! 🐘

@tootapp when can I buy it???? I updated and see nothing in Settings.

Vacation time! See you jive turkeys in a week! πŸ¦ƒ

it royally pisses me off that automated metro systems actually make sense and have been successfully implemented in small cities and subsections of larger cities while america pisses money down the impossible pipe dream of self driving cars

Wait, what is that?



Did you always want to use Toot!, but did it just not look MANLY ENOUGH?

You can now buy Toot! for Men as an in-app purchase! You're a man, you can afford it!

You will get the all-new and entirely testosterone-fuelled TACTICOOL THEME:

Largest black hole ever observed. 40 billion times the size of our Sun, which itself is one million times the size of Earth, which is about twice the size of yo mama. πŸŒŽβ˜€οΈβš«οΈ


Did the Bridge Pedal Kids ride and while it was fun, it was way too short for us. Gotta upgrade to a longer ride next year.

Public Transit Projects Cheaper Than Uber's $5.2 Billion Q2 Losses, Ranked jalopnik.com/public-transit-pr

Please fund more transit for people instead of pernicious capitalist nightmares for rich sycophants.

Gonna be irked tonight if Gio doesn’t play Jebo up top and Fernandez on the right, as the gods intended. ⚽️ 🌲

I’m only 50 pages in so far but this book on data bias against women is fantastic.

If the first book is any indication, the Murberbot series is way overrated. The ending was ... pathetic.

Never trust a person who says "a female" instead of "a woman".

because of global climate change, we could be looking at a Funky Warm Medina by 2025.

I think I found the world’s laziest squirrel πŸ₯œ 🐿

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