The point at 33:00 where the Timbers Army broke into song was truly a moving experience. Amazing.

So weird to be at a Timbers game where the Army is completely silent. ⚽️🌲

Gonna be irked tonight if Gio doesn’t play Jebo up top and Fernandez on the right, as the gods intended. ⚽️ 🌲

Prediction: with this lineup, we’re gonna lose by multiple goals. ⚽️🌲

Tribalism is a powerful thing; yesterday’s result was an amazing tonic for my rotten mood. 🌲⚽️

I like what I see from Conectchy so far. I’d like to see him start instead of Polo.

*Lets out a huge exhale* Ahhhhh, much better.

Even Polo looked good last night but it’s increasingly apparent he’s not a goal scorer. Now dump Olum and bring in Loria from T2.

This game is ugly. Our lineup is bizarre and so the resulting play. I see a 0-0 draw here.


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