Did the Bridge Pedal Kids ride and while it was fun, it was way too short for us. Gotta upgrade to a longer ride next year.

I’m only 50 pages in so far but this book on data bias against women is fantastic.

I think I found the world’s laziest squirrel πŸ₯œ 🐿

I threw a National Night Out block party in my 'hood and it was a success.

Trimmed my beard a bit and now my radio only plays MΓΆtΓΆrhead

Really excited to see the most Portland show: Flotsam, the river circus.

Soccer ⚽️ + sleepy cat 🐈 = lazy afternoon β˜€οΈ

Can you spot her? Evolution provides perfect camouflage for urban predators

Ex Novo’s Puff Puff Passion is one of the tastiest beers I’ve ever drank. I could drink this all day (until I fell over).

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