The Patreon now has a couple of benefits available for supporters:

Super supporters can now nominate a custom emoji which will be added to the instance for their (any anyone else's) use! :ruby:

Companies/bigger organisations can now also show their support of with a logo and link from the homepage.

Find out more:

Don't worry @mperham, :sidekiq: will stay 😄

(although you could be extra nice by becoming a super supporting anyway 😉 )

@james Absolutely happy to support and pay for @sidekiq and my :sidekiq: emoji! Now I'm considering what other ruby things need emoji?

What about mandatory (or make "strongly" optional?) $5/mo for company/bot accounts? It's not expensive but it might be enough to pay for your hosting and admin work without impacting individual devs.

@mperham @sidekiq interesting idea. I do still like smaller contributions by individuals because hopefully that’ll give people a sense of ownership of their community, but if companies can afford more, that’d be great too


@james Absolutely. In OSS communities like Ruby, the general rule of thumb is that individuals give value while companies take value. I see nothing wrong in trying to balance that.

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