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Really good article on complex systems:

A sad tale on how moving from smaller local schools to one large school outside of town has externalized costs to everyone in terms of commute time, increased pollution, and making impossible healthy options like walking or biking.

News source recommendations? 

Ios 13 has been really buggy and using dark mode doesn’t help, eg Native checkboxes are white and websites which don’t support dark mode yet show a white checkbox on a white page.

I think the 30-50 feral hog thing went viral because it seemed ridiculous but it is very real in Texas. I had no idea.

"Give us your bank account number so we can fill it up!" πŸ’Έ

Yes, it will be tremendously expensive to apply heavy trade sactions to China. But it was also tremendously expensive to liberate the slaves from the US south. Money never excuses moral failure.

iOS 13 Mail does not seem to show emails without a body. No bueno.

Bought mystery bags at the Timbers game today for the family and got really lucky! πŸ€ ⚽️

but we cant get rid of urban cars because uhhhh people would be mad about it for like two weeks before realizing that oh yeah driving in the city sucks actually

Optimizing a microbenchmark is like catnip to a certain breed of nerd.

β€œPatriotism can flourish only where racism and nationalism are given no quarter. We should never mistake patriotism for nationalism. The patriot is one who loves his homeland. The nationalist is one who scorns the homelands of others.” β€” Johannes Rau

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