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Really good article on complex systems:

A sad tale on how moving from smaller local schools to one large school outside of town has externalized costs to everyone in terms of commute time, increased pollution, and making impossible healthy options like walking or biking.

The first question I always get about is "Peter, won't it get confused by other other members of the biological camelid family?" so allow me to introduce Carol the Camel, Ali the Alpaca and Larry the Llama...

Drinking beer and watching Liverpool/Bayern at noon is a nice perk of self employment.

Ex Novo’s Puff Puff Passion is one of the tastiest beers I’ve ever drank. I could drink this all day (until I fell over).

The whole Perham family planted with Friends of Trees yesterday. Nature is very dirty.

Reg Mellor refuses to acknowledge that his talent is made of the stuff of heroes, of a mixture of indomitable pride, courage, concentration, and artless grace. "Naw noon o' that," said the king. "You just got be able ta have your tool bitten and not care."

Went to a Green New Deal event today where no one showed up, not even the organizer. Frustrating.

Bouldering is one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube so I decided to film myself and see if I can’t get better. πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ

Consider this an open invite to anyone that wants to climb with me in Portland, just DM!

Luv to adjust volume, hit Play on a video and deafen myself because iOS Ringer volume is different from Sound volume.

"Accounts that use ad blockers in Spotify face immediate suspension or termination under the new terms of service, which go into effect on March 1"

Sounds like most of next week is going to be cancelled due to snow in Portland. Really hope we get enough so that I can snowboard down the street! πŸ‚

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