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Really good article on complex systems:

A sad tale on how moving from smaller local schools to one large school outside of town has externalized costs to everyone in terms of commute time, increased pollution, and making impossible healthy options like walking or biking.

Large Hadron Collider

Very Large Array

Quite Big Telescope

Moderately Enormous Antenna

Monstrous Magnifying Glass

Ludicrously Sized Observatory

Stonking Humungous Sky-Guzzler

Incomprehensibly Cyclopean Science Behemoth of Mind-Flaying Dimensions

A Pair Of Binoculars So Huge You Just Can't Imagine, They're Even Huger, No Far Bigger Than That, Now Double It

The Budget Eater

Hugely disappointed I had to use `Sidekiq::Queue#clear` instead of the much more exciting`Sidekiq::Queue#πŸ’£` over SSH :fatyoshi:

Nice thing I heard tonight: ask people what they _need_ for Christmas, not what they want. More helpful, less consumption.

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You want an SLA? Well we're out of nines but you can have as many sixes as you want

@tootapp I noticed your keyboard doesn’t include return (so I can’t put line breaks in my toots) or suggest emojis (so if I type house, the autocomplete bar would show a house emoji) and I miss them more than I want the Hash key. Both are default iOS behavior I think?

Shout out to $1000 heater repairs. Home ownership: a journey with highs and lows.

There is a distinct lack of Hanukkah and Kwanza songs on this β€œHoliday Classics” stream. That’s a shame, I wouldn’t mind hearing some.

@tootapp you are amazing, with tons of little details that really impress. One thing: I’d like to be able to search by a raw keyword, not just hashtag or account name. Possible?

Yes, the @tootapp IOS client rotates images properly and is 50% off right now. For $2, it’s a steal!

@mperham Assuming that you're using iOS, I recommend @tootapp . It rotates images when the phone is rotated, and there's tons of other cool features. My favorite Mastodon for iOS client by far.

Is there a flippin’ Mastodon client that will rotate a viewed image when the phone is rotated? So sick of viewing tiny landscape images. Mast and Tootdon are both broken here.

Hey! I'm looking for Ruby-related blogs to follow. The ones I found on are pretty outdated or even not existing anymore. Thanks

Getting the board ready for the mountain by adding all the stickers I got at Rubyconf 2018 πŸ‚

Finally launched Faktory Pro, the commercial sibling of Faktory, my background job system for all programming languages.

If you want Sidekiq for Python, JS, PHP, Elixir, Rust or Go, this is your jam.

🏭 🏭 🏭

βœ… Enable 24/7 Christmas radio
βœ… Garland and wreath everything
βœ… Hang stockings with care
⬜️ Put up tree

β€œThis might be a controversial opinion in this house but... I think we have too many wreaths.” πŸŽ…πŸŽ„

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