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did u know that wikipedia has free and open source pictures of cats to look at

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why are you all hiding from me?

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I'm all team "reading should leave all kinds of traces on paper books" but this is so ... efficient? Go get an e-reader already.


Yesterday my colleague called me a 'book murderer' because I cut long books in half to make them more portable. Does anyone else do this? Is it just me?


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The "XP" in "Windows XP" stands for "eXactly comPuters"
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Wikipedia is named after the rare and mysterious Wikipede, a bug which has lots of legs and brains πŸ›

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Making up any old shit online, but as a profession

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i wish some hunky werewolves would teach me about Siddon

logged into this account for the first time in ages and my home feed won't load πŸ˜†

mum found her old android jelly bean tablet saying she couldn't remember what was wrong with it but did i want it for something

i said sure. turned it on and it seemed fine. pulled up the menu and oh my it was so slow πŸ˜†

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anna,, slurs 

honestly didn't know there was a way to quit emacs without opening another terminal and running `pkill emacs`

gone back to orgmode after goodness knows how long to try and Get Organised

i don't remember any of the key combos and somehow managed to quit emacs

i was trying to change the todo status of a item πŸ˜–

python development 

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Steamed tech post 

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